“Located at the base of Cleopatra Hill, Clarkdale, Arizona is a former company town located in the Verde Valley. Founded by William A. Clark, the owner of one of Jerome, Arizona’s largest copper mines, Clarkdale was one of the country’s best “company” towns. The Town of Clarkdale is situated in the Verde Valley, located in the North Central part of Arizona. The Town was founded in 1912 and was the first planned community in the State of Arizona. Clarkdale was a “company town” owned by the United Verde Copper Company and provided housing and services for its employees who worked in the nearby smelter. Mining operations were discontinued in 1953 and Clarkdale was incorporated in 1957.

Today the old smelter lies quiet and Clarkdale is best described as a bedroom community, it’s downtown now occupied by antique shops and restaurants rather then grocery and hardware stores and meat markets.

Clarkdale’s bungalow homes are unique to view, they were built when William Clark owned the town and today stand as a testiment to Clark’s vision.

Clarkdale is located in northern Arizona only 130 miles from Phoenix, 60 miles from Flagstaff, 6 miles from Jerome, 40 miles from Prescott, 20 miles from Camp Verde, 2 miles from Cottonwood and about 20 miles from Sedona. You can even make a day trip to the Grand Canyon from here.

Once in Clarkdale, there are many things to see and do. Why not check out the many unique shops in Clarkdale, or relax and have a bit to eat at one of our many restaurants, listen to some great music, ride the Verde Canyon Railroad, hike, swim or just relax. And while you're here make sure you go to the world famous Copper Museum!

Once you have spent enough time shopping and relaxing in Clarkdale, why not check out one of the communities close to us to see what they have to offer. There is just about everything one could desire in the vicinity of Clarkdale, Arizona.


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