Finding The Right Sedona Neighborhood

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Finding The Right Neighborhood In Sedona

Doug Eagen with Coldwell Banker in sunny Sedona AZ. I often get asked to help people find a home. I know it's a tough thing to hear as a REALTOR®! If it's you're first home buying trip to Sedona, or your very first rip ever to Sedona, I will always ask you these questions before we even bring up cost, size, amenities etc... "What is your lifestyle like now? And what kind of lifestyle do you envision once you move here? This goes a long way to deciding where we should look for your dream home. For instance, if you move here to play a lot of golf, you may want to choose the Village Of Oak Creek. If you have high school kids, you may want to be in West Sedona. 

 Sedona has five distinct areas and within these areas are various neighborhoods. Today we'll take a look at the areas in general. This can help you in deciding where your perfect place may be

West Sedona:
West Sedona offers various neighborhoods from manufactured to Properties in the millions. It is ( for most) the most popular and most known of the sections of Sedona. It offers the most amenities of any of the sections of towns. Restaurants, grocery, services, hotels, galleries and spas are abundant in West Sedona. It also give the feel of being in the thick of the Red Rocks. Hiking trails are abundant. It also gets a fair amount of traffic during busy times of the year. It really is a superb area with a lot of diversity and opportunity.

When you fist get into Uptown you'll see that it is very tourist oriented with an abundance of curio, crystal, gift, specialty and clothing stores. It is also a hub for the jeep tour operators etc.... It is really quite charming and has a lot of energy infused into it with all the people that visit. It also is close to Talaquepaque Village which is a shopping experience all it's own. Walking through here is liking strolling through an old spanish village. The shops are magnificent, as well as the dining options. It is a hub for holiday activities. Many times, when weather permits, you'll find mariarchi, flamenco, or other live music being performed outside under the canopy of the sycamore trees.
 Once you get beyond the shopping district Uptown neighborhoods climb up the hill affording jaw dropping views. Some of the oldest neighborhoods are located in Uptown. There is a mix of older and newer homes in Uptown. It is especially popular for those that want to be close to the action and enjoy the vibrancy of a thriving retail district. Although many of the areas of Uptown do afford quiet neighborhoods. There is quick access to the Oak Creek Canyon and close to hiking trails and West Sedona.

Chapel/ Little Horse Park:

You may have seen pictures of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright Chapel jutting out of the Red Rocks. There are several very nice neighborhoods in the immediate and surrounding areas. This area is void of any commercial or retail operations and is home to several of the other well known religious buildings. Again the views are jaw dropping and the access to nature is abundant. It is conveniently located between Sedona and The Village Of Oak Creek.

The Village Of Oak Creek:
This area is often overlooked as many people just drive through on their way from the freeway to West Sedona. Once you take a closer look you'll find it holds about half of Sedona's population. While the retail/ commercial is not as abundant as the other areas The Village boasts two dozen restaurants, three golf courses, a grocery store numerous hotels and numerous hotels and galleries. It is also home to some of the finest views and hiking anywhere in the Valley. I'd highly suggest keeping the Village on your radar when you're searching neighborhoods. 

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Heading South out of Sedona, just past the high school lies what is known as Red Rock Loop. Geographically it is one of Sedona's most unique areas. Winding roads, varying elevations, green areas, vast views, the creek and small canyons makes for a diversity of little neighborhoods down small lanes to some of Sedona's most unique architecture virtually built into the Red Rocks. Dramatic views lead down to the Oak Creek and to Red Rock State Park. All of this within minutes of Sedona Proper. 

I hope this helps to explain some of the diverseness and opportunities that Sedona has to offer. No matter which neighborhood or area you pick you'll be surrounded by abundant nature is some of the most beautiful land the West has to offer. 

My approach to helping people with their Sedona Real Estate needs is simple.
1. Tell me about the lifestyle you envision.
2. Find the neighborhood you like
3. The rest is price range, and sometimes a little patience to find your dream come true!